Why Buy Local?

Monte Bucks (1)

MONTE Bucks is a buy local campaign promoted through the efforts of the Montezuma Community Boosters.  MONTE Bucks are available in $5 increments and spend like cash at any Montezuma business.  Local businesses may redeem their MONTE Bucks revenue at the Montezuma State Bank.  MONTE Bucks make great gifts and also work as terrific incentives for employees to encourage local patronage of Montezuma area businesses.  Shop local, buy MONTE Bucks!  Purchase MONTE Bucks at Vannoy Chevrolet, 119 S. Fourth in Montezuma.  

Buying Local Statistics

Shop Local

Buying local is green in more ways than one!  Shifting your purchasing decisions to local retailers is cost effective if you aren’t spending all your hard earned money on filling the gas tank just to get to the big box store down the highway.  Not to mention you are dramatically reducing a large carbon footprint for every mile saved through mass distribution and while your car is off the road.

On average 64.8% of revenues generated from local businesses are reinvested back into the community.  A portion of this is accounted for through sales tax revenues that support local projects, your school, non-profits and benevolence, and infrastructure build outs that keep your community thriving.  Every dollar you spend in another community ends up there.  Additionally, only 33.6% of revenue from national chains and big box stores is reinvested locally. 

Small businesses in your own community know YOU.  Think about the difference it makes when you enter a business with know-your-name service.  Then think about the last time you shopped at a place where you were the “next customer in line”.