Montezuma Water Department

The Montezuma Water Department is committed to excellence in water quality and providing great customer service.  We serve WATERTOWERapproximately 1,500 people in the City of Montezuma in addition to providing water to Ponderosa Utilities.  Water Department staff operate the water plant which was built in 1980.  The plant was upgraded in 1996 and 2011.  Each day, about 245,000 gallons of water are treated by the plant.  Our water system also includes 300,000 of storage in the water tower and 250,000 of below-ground storage at the plant.

In 2018, the Montezuma Water Department was awarded with a Water Fluoridation Quality Award by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The Montezuma Water Department is staffed by two full-time employees.  Superintendent Chris Widmer holds a Grade 4 Treatment and Distribution license.   Matt Wallace holds a Grade 2 license.

Click here to see the latest Consumer Confidence Report for the Montezuma Water Department.  

Pictured below are water staff members: Chris Widmer, Superintendent and Matt Wallace, Operator {L to R}

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